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Toyganizer Bath Toy Organizer

Investing in a ton of bath toys is arguably the best way to get kids to take a bath without a fight. Every kid that I have ever met loves bath toys and the sheer mention of being able to play with toys in the bath is enough to inspire excitement. Unfortunately all of those bath toys can create a cluttery mess in the bathroom. Keeping toys in a container is practical for keeping the toys picked up and out of the way, but may cause the toys to stay wet an develop mold. The Toyganizer is a perfect solution for all of these problems.

Parents Love Toyganizer

The toyganizer is convenient because it has suction cups that stick on the wall, so it can be hung anywhere in the tub that is out of the way. Parents love it because it expands, so many toys can be kept in the bag. It opens easily and can help to clean up toys quickly. The bag is made from breathable mesh, so the toys can drip dry in the tub, saving a mess anywhere else and keeping the toys clean and safe to use.

Kids Love Toyganizer

Kids love the Toyganizer because it comes in many different fun colors and keeps their toys right where they want them. The bag is easy to open, so kids can grab the toys themselves and start right in on having fun in the tub. The toys stay smelling good and do not have to be cleaned or replaced as often. The suction cups hold very well, so the toy itself may even be used as a tub toy for creative kids. The Toyganizer is relatively in expensive at about $15 and can make bath times more fun and less stressful.

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