Share Your Interests with Your Child - Share Your Interests with Your Child

Share Your Interests with Your Child

I used to worry that I didn’t have anything in common with my daughter. I just couldn’t get into the things that she liked. The dolls, the young girl shows, the girly clothes and things. I would laugh with her when she came in to watch my shows, but I just couldn’t sit through a whole episode of one of her cartoon shows or kid sitcoms. I was afraid we wouldn’t bond, but I now realize my fears were groundless.

Introducing Older Shows

With the advent of Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services, it has become really easy to show your kids the shows that you loved when you were young. I showed my daughter “Boy meets world” and she showed me “Girl meets world.” Everything I showed her, she gravitated toward afterward, eating it up. I realize that every kid isn’t going to be into watching your old shows, but it’s worth a shot! It was a real bonding experience for us.

Being Silly Together

I am a silly person sometimes, and for the longest time I was keeping my silliness away from my daughter for fear of being a bad influence or something. Then I noticed that when I did get silly with my daughter, we ended up having more fun.

New research from Ohio State University that was published in the Wall Street Journal even says that this silly play can help to form attachments and encourage kids to explore. Kids were shown to express a wider range of emotions when playing with their fathers and playing more rambunctiously than with their mothers. The behavior appeared to give children a safe zone to learn to control themselves when they got over excited or upset. I now feel like I have really been doing fine all along.

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