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Safety First Grip ‘N Go Cabinet Locks

At my house it’s the cats more than the kids that need to be locked out of the cabinets, but nevertheless we keep all of our cabinets locked with Safety First Grip ‘N Go locks. These locks actually took a little while of getting used to for my husband, older daughter, and I to be able to open them. I definitely recommend practicing with them not on the cabinet doors a few times first, so that you will actually be able to get into the cabinet when you need to after installing the lock.

Effective at Staying Locked

My cats are geniuses, so they actually finagled a few other types of cabinet door locks and got into chips and bread before. I keep the locks on all the cabinets for this reason. The babies I am more worried about getting into the cabinets with chemicals or pans and possibly hurting themselves, but they do not generally try to open the cabinets once they find it locked. Since I am trying to keep both kids and cats out of cabinets, these locks that are slightly more difficult to open come in really handy! These locks also do not allow a lot of “play” in the cabinet once they are on, so it stops both the kids and cats from slipping their little digits into the door and getting a hold of something without opening the whole cabinet.

The price of these cabinet locks was also much cheaper than some of the other types of locks that I had tried in the past. While not very attractive compared to other locking systems, the Safety First locks work better than most that I have found. How attractive can a cabinet door lock be, anyway? I absolutely love these cabinet door locks because they are affordable and they work.

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