medical kit - Mountain Series Day Tripper Medical Kit by Adventure Medical Kits

Mountain Series Day Tripper Medical Kit by Adventure Medical Kits

When you are taking the kids on a hiking or camping trip, it is important to make sure that you are prepared in case of accidents and injuries, whether they are big or small. A Mountain Series Day Tripper Medical Kit is light and compact, so it can fit easily in a back pack while you and your littles take a hike. The kit is relatively inexpensive, costing less than $30, and can help give you peace of mind if things go wrong.

What Does the Kit Contain?

The kit contains about 10 bandages, 6 sterile wrappings, gloves, and a trauma pad to stop bleeding. There is a bandage to be used in case of a fracture or sprain, moleskin in case of a blister or burn, and a comprehensive medical and wilderness guide. The kit also includes several common over-the-counter medications and supplies such as cotton balls and triple antibiotic ointment to help with treating wounds and other common injuries that may happen while hiking.

Being Prepared

This pack is designed for adults, so it may be wise to add extra Bandaids, cleaning wipes, and other supplies when hiking with kids. Kids are far more prone to trips and falls that may cause small cuts and scrapes than adults, so packing extra Bandaids may help your family to patch things up quickly and get on with the hike. It is best to be prepared before you go hiking, as well, skimming through the medical and wilderness guides to brush up on what to do in case of emergencies.

It may also be advisable to pack extra water bottles. Water bottles can help everyone to stay hydrated, but they can also do double duty in helping to clean out wounds. Being prepared for emergencies can make hiking trips more comfortable and can really come in handy if anything should happen.

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