Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Color Video Baby Monitor 3.5″ 1024x481 - Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Color Video Baby Monitor- 3.5″

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Color Video Baby Monitor- 3.5″

Video baby monitors have become the standard and it is interesting to see the features being improved and added to these. My husband’s friend has a three month old baby, and they have been using the Motorola MBP36 since day one. We got to see this monitor in action the other night, and I was shocked by how far baby monitors have come. The video was crystal clear and there was a pan feature that allowed the parents to move the camera if the baby moved. There is also a zoom feature, which they showed me works very well. These can both be accessed by the monitor, which is very convenient. Since it was nighttime, we also checked out the night vision.
I found this to be a little creepy, but it worked, nonetheless.

Additional Features

In addition to the video features, there is also a temperature gauge on the monitor that allows you to see the temperature in the baby’s room. This is great for homes with hot and cold spots. If you do not wish to use the visual features, like after bedtime, you can easily shut the screen off and the audio will still work in case the baby cries. This monitor also allows two-way audio, so that you can soothe the baby remotely or speak to another caregiver that is in the room with the baby.

The set-up was easy and the monitor did not require very much reading to begin use. The range is relatively short, but it is enough to reach from the baby’s room to most areas of their house. The Motorola is also pretty sturdy, as they reported dropping the monitor a few times with no adverse effects. All in all, this monitor is worth the somewhat high price tag.

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