Make the Most of a Snow Day - Make the Most of a Snow Day

Make the Most of a Snow Day

When winter weather hits, it can be a major upset to your plans. Work and school is often cancelled, so you suddenly have a whole day to fill with the kiddos. Snow days are often announced at the very last minute, so everyone is bound to be dressed and ready to go for the day. Take advantage of this unexpected day off to spend some quality time with the kids.

Build a Snowman

Piles of snow are great building materials, so get out there and build a snowman, snow fort, or other snow creations with your kids. You can really get high tech and show your kids how to dye snow blocks or build snow sculptures, or you can get down and dirty and have a snowball fight using your fort. To save your sanity, plan ahead and figure out where the kids can warm up when they get too cold so that unbundling and rebundling a hundred times is not necessary.

Shovel Everyone Out

You can be a role model and teach your kids to be good Samaritans by shoveling out the neighbors’ driveways and walks. This is especially important if there are older neighbors that you know would try to do it themselves. The gratitude that the neighbors express will be a great reward, but you can also pat them on the back and give them an extra reward for being such good helpers if you want.

Enjoy a Cozy Movie

There is nothing quite like cuddling up with the whole family and watching a movie on a cold winter day. Blankets and hot chocolate are a must. To make it even more comfortable and fun, put in a movie about a snowy day or chilly weather. Alternatively, you can also take advantage of your captive audience to show your kids some of your favorite movies from your childhood.

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