Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Picnic Table with Market Umbrella 904x1024 - Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Picnic Table with Market Umbrella

Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Picnic Table with Market Umbrella

Since we are hosting Easter here at our house on Sunday, my cousin loaned me her Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store picnic table for the kids to sit at. We have a big picnic table for the adults, but this will be absolutely perfect because there will be about eight children and at least as many adults. The Little Tikes table fits about eight kids, and this will free up the big picnic table for all of the adults. This will be a wonderful thing if the weather decides to cooperate and allows us to have our Easter dinner outdoors in the spring air.

Assembly and Use

My cousin has had the Little Tikes picnic table for about two years now, and she loves it. It is very easy to assemble, and disassemble, so she only takes it out when she knows it will be used up until the summertime. During the summer when the kids are home more often, she may leave it set up outside for a little while, but she is pretty faithful about taking it down so that it does not get destroyed by the elements.

The umbrella is a wonderful feature, and is great for protecting the kids for the hot sun during the summer. It is a perfect place for kids to set and rest to take a break from the heat and sun while outside playing in the summer and spring. The whole assembly is very easy to wipe down and clean, and if it gets really messy you can just spray it with the hose without adverse effects. It is the perfect size for kids, but adults should not sit on it as it can fell a little unstable. This is going to be a great Easter! Fingers crossed for good weather.

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