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Kidcraft Play Sets Spark Imagination

Play sets have been around forever, but they are still amazing to children. Play sets generally come with a kitchen set up, some dishes, and some “food.” I have been looking around for a play set to get my toddler and Kidcraft seems to have some of the best. There are many different styles, so I’m looking to select the one that’s just right.

Realistic Appliances are Awesome

A stove, refrigerator, sink, and microwave can keep kids occupied for hours. These items can be teaching tools, you can show your very young kids to keep their food in refrigerator. If there is a cabinet, you can help them put away certain things in the cabinet and other things in the cabinet. Before long, they will likely be whipping you up some delicious dishes and serving your family.

Room for a Few

If you have more than one child, some of the Kidcraft play sets have plenty of room for two children. This can help teach them to work together as they both help to prepare feasts for play parties. Some of the sets have little pass-through windows, which you can use to help them get the food out-to their stuffed animals or friends.

Add-on Friendly

One of the really fun parts about play sets is that there is always a way to add-on and re-inspire your child or children to use the play set. By purchasing some new food or dishes, you may inspire them to plan a pretend party. They may try to “make” new things with the new items and have a blast doing so. You can teach them little things about cooking and cleaning up using their plastic props that will help you later, when they graduate to helping in the real kitchen.


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