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Keep Kids Safe with Lights on Halloween

Parents worry about strangers and candy on Halloween, but the real danger is vehicular. About six children die on average each Halloween after being struck by vehicles. Strobing lights on lawns, dark Halloween costumes, and increases in traffic all contribute to the dangers. Studies have found that teens are just as susceptible to being struck by vehicles on Halloween as young children. To keep your kids and teens safe, make sure they have reflectors or lights on their costumes or bags.

Light Up Trick or Treat Bags

Light up trick or treat bags can be purchased for as little as $7 or as much as $50 for a personalized bag. Most require batteries and can simply be turned on and off. You can save the bags and reuse them year after year for continued safety. If you don’t want to foot the cash for a light up Halloween bag, you can always do a DIY version and insert glow sticks into a pocket at the front of a bag for improved visibility.

Bright or Lighted Halloween Costumes

Grim reapers and shadows make fun Halloween characters, but they are very hard to see when it gets dark. If you are going with one of these costumes, it may be advisable to add glowing accents or lights to the costumes. Brighter costumes, such as the traditional white sheet ghost, are easier to see without having to add anything. You can also purchase light-up costumes for added fun and increased safety.

Glow Sticks and Wands

If your kids don’t want light up bags or lights on their costumes, or if those things would detract from the costume, you can always send them along with large glow sticks or wands. Most kids love these types of light-up toys and they are sometimes even easier to see than other types of lights.

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