Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Color Video Baby Monitor- 3.5″

Video baby monitors have become the standard and it is interesting to see the features being improved and added to these. My husband’s friend has a three month old baby, and they have been using the Motorola MBP36 since day one. We got to see this monitor in action the other night, and I was […]

Safety First Grip ‘N Go Cabinet Locks

At my house it’s the cats more than the kids that need to be locked out of the cabinets, but nevertheless we keep all of our cabinets locked with Safety First Grip ‘N Go locks. These locks actually took a little while of getting used to for my husband, older daughter, and I to be […]

Children’s Claritin 5mg Grape Chewables

One of the less-than-great traits my children have gotten from me is their incredibly vulnerable immune system. Thanks to this, when one person in the house gets sick we’re lucky if my husband can avoid it, but living in a house full of sick kids and a sick wife can make it tough for anybody […]

Baby Magic Gentle Baby Lotion

My two daughters have so many similarities to me, both good and bad, that even as their mother I’m still surprised. I expected them to have similar personalities and appearances, that’s a given. What impressed me was how many other things got passed on, from the way they laugh (very loud, abrupt outbursts) to how […]

Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Picnic Table with Market Umbrella

Since we are hosting Easter here at our house on Sunday, my cousin loaned me her Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store picnic table for the kids to sit at. We have a big picnic table for the adults, but this will be absolutely perfect because there will be about eight children and at least as […]

Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet

‘Tis the season to travel and visit with family! If you have just had a new baby, travelling may present some new challenges. Even going down the street to visit friends or relatives can seem like a monumental task when you start to realize all of the “just in case” things that you need to […]

FiLIP Locator with Voice

Iam debating getting Emma a FiLIP locator watch. It is a little pricey, at $200, but after that it is only $10 a month. She wants a phone, but I feel that she is a little too young. I would hate to see her attached to a phone already, and I am pretty sure she […]

Infant Optics DXR-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor

My friend has a five month old boy and is very happy with her baby monitor. She asked me to help her choose a monitor when she was looking, and we both liked the sound of the Infant Optics DXR based on the reviews and features. It has only been a few months, but so […]

Keep Your Kids Safe with Sunblock

Summertime is a wonderful time to get outside with your kids and help them appreciate nature and the outdoors. However, the sun is strong and can damage your child’s delicate skin, causing painful burns and putting them at risk for conditions such as cancer later on in life. It’s important to make sure that your […]

Mountain Series Day Tripper Medical Kit by Adventure Medical Kits

When you are taking the kids on a hiking or camping trip, it is important to make sure that you are prepared in case of accidents and injuries, whether they are big or small. A Mountain Series Day Tripper Medical Kit is light and compact, so it can fit easily in a back pack while […]

Keep Kids Safe with Lights on Halloween

Parents worry about strangers and candy on Halloween, but the real danger is vehicular. About six children die on average each Halloween after being struck by vehicles. Strobing lights on lawns, dark Halloween costumes, and increases in traffic all contribute to the dangers. Studies have found that teens are just as susceptible to being struck […]

Decorate Safely with Toddlers

Toddlers can make holiday decorating difficult. Little hands and curious minds combined with glass balls and sharp corners on ornaments can equal disaster. If you have a toddler in your house, it may be best to stash away the family heirlooms for a few years or put them up in high places for the time […]