Getting Ready for Halloween with Kids - Getting Ready for Halloween with Kids

Getting Ready for Halloween with Kids

Our family has been getting ready for Halloween for about three weeks now. By this I mean that I have hung lights, my wife has put some kitschy Pinterest-style decorations up all over the house, and my kids have stressed incessantly about what they are going to be for Halloween. I have done my best to steer clear up until this point, but with just one weekend left before Halloween, we are down to the wire. Cue suggestions stage.

Supporting Their Decisions

My son and daughter are both strong-willed and independent. What they will eventually chose as their costumes is completely unpredictable, which is part of why I have stayed out of it for so long. They have already second-guessed themselves tons of times. I will support whatever they want to do, though, short of going door to door in their birthday suits. If she wants to go as Clint Eastwood or Barbie or a friggin cell phone, I will do my best to help her. If he wants to go as Anna from Frozen or Stewie from Family guy or a desk lamp, we will try to make it happen.

Helping with Decisiveness

By this weekend, I plan on weighing in. I’ve told the kids that this is the “Final Countdown.” They can’t decide whether to do a costume idea together or separate, but they have narrowed it down to just a few ideas. This weekend, we will all get together and figure out how best to pull the costume ideas they have off, and figure out all of the details. They understand that there will be no changing of minds after this weekend. I feel like this is important for kids to understand, not just in costumes but in other things as well.

Design and Acquisition

When it comes down to it this weekend, we will get things ordered, crafted, or purchased to start making their Halloween dreams come true. I will help, my wife will help. Whatever we can do to get it done. It should be a blast! I love this time of year.

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