gerber good start - Gerber Good Start Gentle for Supplementing Baby Formula

Gerber Good Start Gentle for Supplementing Baby Formula

When my babies were small, I tried to breastfeed mostly, but kept a container of formula around as a back-up plan. Since my mom stands by Gerber products, I decided to try the Gerber Good Start formula. She and my aunts have all had good experiences with Gerber products, so I went with the name I knew first.

Difference in Quality

Gerber Good Start is made with “comfort proteins”, which are whey proteins that have been broken down into smaller pieces. Due to the extra steps taken with the whey proteins, Gerber Good Start formulas are gentler on babies’ stomachs than many other types of formula. The formula contains DHA and ARA, which are both essential for eye and brain health and development. Gerber Good Start formula also contains Probiotic B lactis, which promotes the growth of good bacteria to help aid in infants’ digestion. My daughters responded well to this formula, which is specifically designed to supplement breast milk.

Many formulas list corn syrup as the first ingredient. High fructose corn syrup can make children more susceptible to obesity issues and type II diabetes. Corn syrup is also very sweet, so giving babies formula with corn syrup in it so early in life can gear babies towards foods that are sweeter. This can be problematic later on, as children will be more apt to lean towards sweeter processed foods, shying away from natural foods with less sugar. Anything to make it easier to feed kids vegetables as they grow up is definitely a better choice in my opinion.

Easy to Prepare

This formula is also very easy to prepare. It comes in a resealable container with a scoop for easy measuring. You simply add the powdered formula, water, and shake to prepare. So simple for those times that you simply cannot breastfeed your baby. There are several other varieties for babies that are primarily formula fed or that have allergies.

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