FiLIP Locator with Voice - FiLIP Locator with Voice

FiLIP Locator with Voice

Iam debating getting Emma a FiLIP locator watch. It is a little pricey, at $200, but after that it is only $10 a month. She wants a phone, but I feel that she is a little too young. I would hate to see her attached to a phone already, and I am pretty sure she would be if she could go on the internet from it. The FiLIP looks just like a wristwatch and is worn on the wrist, so it wouldn’t be as easy to damage or lose as a regular phone. She could call five different numbers from it, and I would always be able to see exactly where she was with an app that tracks the FiLIP’s location on my iPhone.

Useful for Safety

This device could come in handy at theme parks and concerts. I would never have that heart-sunk feeling when she wandered away from me for a few minutes and I didn’t know where she was. She is ten, so I sometimes let her ride her bike to her friends’ houses that are nearby. The FiLIP has a feature that I would be able to set so that if it went out of an area that I specified, it would send me an alert. How convenient that I could then call the FiLip and make sure everything is okay. If I wanted, I could text her, but the FiLIP does not give the option to text back, so she would have to call me.

Emergency Feature

There is an emergency button that can be activated, as well. If it is activated, it makes a loud sound, generates an automatic location beacon, and calls each of the five contacts continually until someone answers. This should give me peace of mind, but in fact I can see that emergency button being activated by accident. In any event, it is not a bad thing to have the extra security. I think this is a great idea for children, it eliminates a lot of potentially scary situations.

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