Feeding Your Kids Foundation Helps Parents Overcome Feeding Challenges

The Feeding Your Kids Foundation operates an international program that helps parents learn methods and recipes that enable them to feed their kids healthier meals. The program also teaches parents strategies that help them to instill healthier attitudes towards food in children. The foundation was established in May 2010 with the goal of preventing childhood obesity and helping families to meet their children’s unique nutritional needs.

Free for All Parents

The program focuses on helping people to change their habits using messaging technology and behavior-change science. Research showed that the most effective way to counter childhood obesity was to work with parents to alter behaviors and eating habits, rather than to talk with or work with children directly.

The program is free for all families all over the world and has helped over 15,000 families in over 125 countries. The program was started as part of a commitment to the . The program was written pro bono and takes no advertising money from any companies, helping the program to stay free from agendas. The program accepts donations to help cover costs.

Developer of Feeding Your Kids

The developer of the program, Eszter Erdelyi was born in Hungary and came to the U.S. in 1990. As the mother of two young children, Erdelyi became interested in developing strategies for feeding children after her youngest developed a wheat allergy. She realized that all parents face challenges to feeding their kids, whether they are medical or preferential. She set out to formulate a program that identified the 14 major challenges to feeding kids, along with associated behaviors and attitudes, and offered hundreds of solutions for all of the given challenges.