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Favorite Toys of the Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching and it’s time to get the kiddies all of their favorites! There are some fun toys that have been introduced and some that have filtered up to the top of the list that have been around forever. Keep these in mind during the holiday rush to keep the kiddos in your life smiling.


The minions are out in force this year, and a whole line of interactive minions is available for your kids’ delight. The minions can speak phrases and make sound effects. Each one comes with a prop that they interact with. The minions arms are movable, so your kids can have hours of fun controlling their minions.

Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

This two and a half foot bony dinosaur can walk forward and roar, bringing a little bit of education and fun into the house. The eyes light up and the mouth opens and closes, making a chomping sound as it goes. The t-rex comes with lots of accessories and projectiles to use while playing with the toy.

Jumbo Jamboree

If your little is still a toddler, jumbo jamboree may be what they want. This push-along toy has plenty of things to touch and see. When pushed it also plays music from five different instruments. The adorable elephant will be sure to become your child’s favorite playmate.

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

In a twist on the iconic EasyBake Oven, this oven can be used o bake none other than the famous Girl Scout cookies. The mixes and tools provide everything kids need to make Girl Scout cookies and the cookies and even toppings can be heated and put together using the oven. This one is a gift that keeps on giving!

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