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ET the Extra-Terrestrial

One of my favorite movies as a child was ET the Extra-Terrestrial and this movie is still delighting children. The warmth and good feelings that you get watching this movie are just amazing and bring us back to a very simple time before all of the technology. It is also a trip seeing a tiny Drew Barrymore talk to ET.

Not Your Usual Hero

ET is a little different than your typical kid’s movie hero. ET is bald, brown, and scrawny. This sets him apart from a rampant cast of cute, fuzzy, tiny little critters that usually dominate the hero role. ET’s different (and slightly off-putting) appearance helps to reinforce the idea that you can’t judge a book by its cover and that all beings should be treated with kindness.

Plot of ET

The story of ET is based around a group of friendly alien botanists that is driven off by approaching humans, leaving one small alien behind. ET, the alien that is left behind, befriends a ten year old named Elliot. Elliot and his siblings, an older boy named Michael and a younger girl named Gertie, harbor ET and attempt to teach him a little about life on Earth. A team of scientists on the lookout for ET eventually find the home, just as ET is successful in creating a device to “phone home” and ask his fellow aliens to pick him up.

ET and Elliot’s Connection

ET gets sick after a while of being on Earth and living in the inhospitable atmosphere. Elliot shares a connection to ET, so he begins to sicken, as well. The connection between Elliot and ET tugs at the heart strings and encourages children to form bonds with animals and to have more respect for the being around them. ET is a great movie that can still be enjoyed more than 30 years after its release.

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