essential baby oil - Essential Oils for Children and Babies

Essential Oils for Children and Babies

Don’t use essential oils for you kids and babies until you read this article. Here are the best essential oils for kids and babies but there are precaution that you need to take first.

Using essential oils for children

Of course, when you think about aromatherapy for the home your family comes to mind when you want to use your essential oils, but there are special considerations when you’re using oils for young children. 

There’re many ways that you can use essential oils. As you know, you found ways to use them in your cleaning, in your cooking, using them for your health, but now with children? We want to look at ways that we can use them in a safe manner for ages six to twelve. We would want to use a one percent dilution, that means one drop of essential oil for a hundred drops of carrier. 

How to use essential Oils for Children

So, let’s talk about  some of the ways that you can use essential oils for children.

Using a diffuser

Diffusion is one of the best and safest ways to use essential oils. You’re going to want to have a diffuser for every room in your house. You can use one in the bedroom for the children and use maybe lavender or roman chamomile for helping them to sleep at night. A diffuser doesn’t require dilution but you’re going to want to add just a few drops at a time and just see how strong it smells to you in the room.

For children, I recommend that you use the diffuser, 20 to 30 minutes before they go to bed. Turn it off, then air out the room. I would not leave a diffuser running in the room all night long or even while they’re sleeping. For the older children who might be doing their homework in the evening you might want to use spearmint rosemary or grapefruit. These are great for promoting that mental clarity and helping to focus and concentration on their studies. 

Mix with bath water

If they take a bath before bed, you want to add the essential oil into the running bath mixed with the carrier and just disperse it in the waterIf you don’t use a carrier in the blend, you could also use bath salts or you could just add it to a drop of liquid soap. Just put your essentials in and just disperse it into the water.

Make an essential oil blend

Another way that you can use essential oils for your children by making a blend in advance, maybe in a roll-on bottle. You can actually have them rub it on their tummy, roll it around to help with relieving constipation. If a child has pain or spasms or any kind of tummy woes for this blend you may want to use sweet orange. Peppermint and Ginger are another good oil for the stomach. There are several other oils that you might want to consider using. 

When and where to use essential oils.

Okay, let’s talk about some of the methods of use in essential oils. 

  • Diffusing essential oils is one of the safest ways to use essential oils. Of course, when a person is in a room you want to open it up and air it out after running the diffuser before they actually go to sleep at night, especially with young children.
  • If you still bathe your kids, Essential oil is a great way to calm them down, and help them sleep better at night, and of course, adding them to bubble bath is even better.
  • Making roller blends is another great way to allow your children to have their own personal blends ready for use. They can grab them and use them whenever they need to. 
  • Using essential oil during their study time. When they’re doing homework or taking a final exam. It’s great to have that rosemary or cedarwood or some of those other oils that you can use to help with that mental clarity and focus. 

Essential Oil for Children with Autism

I know many parents who had children with autism, and they were able to incorporate the aromatherapy into their own regimen. The essentials when they’re inhaled do trigger the senses and the olympic system of the brain and it affects the moods and the neurological functions of the brain. So, this is a great way to help bring calmness. Bring down that anxiety or those episodes that they may experience now. 

Precautions When Using Essential Oil

You do want to make sure that you follow precautions when using essential oils for children. I recommend that you do a safe patch test and that this means that if you think that there’s a possibility of any kind of adverse effect or allergies. To an essential oil you will want to add one drop of essential with a carrier and apply to their skin on their forearm and cover it with a band-aid. Check it in about an hour or so. Look for redness or any kind of irritation. Small bumps or anything that might be obviously something that was triggered in their body when they tried the essential. 

Essential Oils that are Best for Children

Okay! Let’s talk about some of the essential oils that are great for children. 

Eucalyptus oil – This one is great for that congestion and that head coal and some of those other symptoms that they might have. It is also good for relieving coughs and flu. Eucalyptus oil can actually be  diluted in a carrier oil and rubbed on their back or their chest you can use it in the bath and that would be diluted of course with the carrier oil. 

Lavender essential oil – This is a must-have in every home and you definitely want to have lavender. This is great for calming and helping to relax. Help soothe and just sort of bring that piece into the home. This is great for using at night for diffusing. You can use lavender oil in the bath as well. 

Tea tree essential oil – is another great oil to have on hand. This one is an antiseptic. It is great for infection and viruses and so you might want to diffuse this one if there’s been a sick person in the home.

Lemon essential oil – is another great oil! Did you know that is great for dandruff? You can add it to shampoo and it just smells so bright and cheerful. Your kids will love it.

Black pepper essential oil – Another oil that’s one that i haven’t mentioned yet and that is black pepper. Now this is something that I have used in some of my blends for constipation. This one can be used if a child is suffering from constipation. You could actually use this in a blend with a roll-on and a carrier. This would be rubbed on the tummy or the lower abdomen of the area.

Rum and Chamomile essential Oil – Now this one is very calming and soothing. It’s also great for acne. So if you have teenagers in your home who suffer from acne this can be applied. It’s an anti-inflammatory oil so it takes away that redness and those areas that are very very bright and sensitive. Another oil you might want to consider for your teenagers for acne is the tea tree oil as well as geranium, this one is a nice harmonial balancing oil and it’s great to use.

Essential Oils for Babies

Once the mystery of this long relied upon elixir was exposed for its potential harm to babies the jig was up! The original recipe has been changed but the spices remain as they are still considered to have healing and calming qualities that date back centuries and are used in natural gripe waters today. Some of the ingredients can be found in essential oils which can be used in a diffuser or as part of a massage. So we decided to give you some easy to refer to quick tips so there’s no need for you to hunt for the answer.

Now aromatherapy for children is not recommended under the age of six months. If you do have a baby that has colic, or if you’re trying to help a baby sleep at night because of maybe congestion, take a look at this book Betsy Bosom’s Baby Book: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Using Essential Oils from Bellies to Babies (Lucy Libido) care and how to use the oils because we do have a lot of charts and things that you can do for babies that have colic or are cranky.

Essential oils are very strong, use caution when beginning to use essential oils with a baby:

  • Do not place undiluted essential oil close to baby’s face.
  • Never used undiluted essential oil directly on baby’s skin (it can burn and cause irritation).
  • Never use undiluted essential oil in a diffuser (the scent will be too strong).
  • Never ingest an essential oil.

Best Essential oils for babies.

For infants, zero to two months of age:

  • Chamomile, Roman and German Lavender Essential Oil
  • Yarrow Essential Oil
  • Dill Essential Oil

For babies, two to six months of age:

  • The above, plus Mandarin and Neroli essential oil.

For babies, six to twelve months of age:

  • All the above plus Calendula, Grapefruit, and Tea Tree essential Oil.

I hope that was helpful for you! I wish that you’re able to use these essentials in your home for your children. Did I miss anything? Well let me know in the comments below if if you have a favorite essential that you use with your children i would love to hear from you thanks for watching bye

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