essential baby oil - Essential Oils for Babies

Essential Oils for Babies

Once the mystery of this long relied upon elixir was exposed for its potential harm to babies the jig was up! The original recipe has been changed but the spices remain as they are still considered to have healing and calming qualities that date back centuries and are used in natural gripe waters today. Some of the ingredients can be found in essential oils which can be used in a diffuser or as part of a massage. So we decided to give you some easy to refer to quick tips so there’s no need for you to hunt for the answer.
Essential oils are very strong, use caution when beginning to use essential oils with a baby:

  • Do not place undiluted essential oil close to baby’s face.
  • Never used undiluted essential oil directly on baby’s skin (it can burn and cause irritation).
  • Never use undiluted essential oil in a diffuser (the scent will be too strong).
  • Never ingest an essential oil.

For infants, zero to two months of age:

Chamomile, Roman and German Lavender

For babies, two to six months of age:

The above, plus Mandarin and Neroli.

For babies, six to twelve months of age:

The above plus Calendula,Grapefruit,and Tea Tree.

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