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Children’s Claritin 5mg Grape Chewables

One of the less-than-great traits my children have gotten from me is their incredibly vulnerable immune system. Thanks to this, when one person in the house gets sick we’re lucky if my husband can avoid it, but living in a house full of sick kids and a sick wife can make it tough for anybody to not catch the bug. If it’s not a virus, then you can still rest assured at least one of us is dealing with unbearable allergies, and this spring has been especially harsh on the little ones.

The only thing I’ve been able to find in over four years that’s helped with any allergies for them is the Children’s Claritin 5mg Grape Chewables. I always hated grape flavored stuff, so their fondness towards it must’ve come from their father, but either way it’s still the only allergy medicine that they’ll eat. I don’t know what it is that makes them so resistant to swallowing even the tiniest of pills, but these chewable tablets have really been a lifesaver in this situation.

I would not have had any complaints about it whatsoever if it weren’t for the time I offered one to a friend who I saw with her kids at the park. She complained about allergies and I gave her a Claritin, only to watch her poor son break out in hives! We panicked for a minute but thanks to smart phones, it didn’t takes us long to figure out it was just a dairy reaction. Apparently one of the ingredients is lactose, which I feel should be made more apparent on the label.

At the end of the day, however, I still have to say this has been a pretty worthwhile medicine for my kids and I. If it didn’t work so well, I would comment on the nearly $15 price tag, but for me if that’s what the cost of good medicine for my children is then that’s what I’ll pay. I would strongly recommend these to any parent with kids who are susceptible to allergies of any season.

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