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The Giving Tree Lessons

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I checked out The Giving Tree from the library for my daughter. I love Shel Silverstein and wanted to share this wonderful classic. The meaning behind The Giving Tree is controversial, but I prefer to think of it in the most optimistic way possible. The tree gives all it has […]

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ET the Extra-Terrestrial

One of my favorite movies as a child was ET the Extra-Terrestrial and this movie is still delighting children. The warmth and good feelings that you get watching this movie are just amazing and bring us back to a very simple time before all of the technology. It is also a trip seeing a tiny […]

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3 Animal Movies That’ll Make You Laugh, Cry and Love Your Pets Forever

With “The Secret Lives of Pets” being released in July and trailers for the movie being placed in front of many of my daughter’s favorites, she is fanatical about seeing the movie. We just recently got a dog, so she is also all about pets and animals in general right now. For our movie time […]