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Baby Magic Gentle Baby Lotion

My two daughters have so many similarities to me, both good and bad, that even as their mother I’m still surprised. I expected them to have similar personalities and appearances, that’s a given. What impressed me was how many other things got passed on, from the way they laugh (very loud, abrupt outbursts) to how quickly and easily their skin gets dried out. They got it from me initially, but the part of the country we live in has definitely made it worse.

This past winter was the first where they were both old enough to play in the snow without my help, which has been fantastic to watch but horrible on their skin. Even with their regular lotion being applied two or three times a day they still somehow managed to get patches of cracked skin. I knew I decided that changing lotions might be a good idea, so I went out for a quick shopping trip. Not too much later I came home with Baby Magic Gentle Baby Lotion.

In all honesty, I tried to find what looked like the best one but they all advertised the same basic things so I pretty much chose this one at random. It also cost $8 for as much lotion as a $12 bottle of what I’d been using, so that didn’t hurt its chances. Either way, what’s important is that it worked. With two applications a day (and an extra one when they went outside to play), it took maybe a week for their skin to stop cracking, and within a few more weeks had it looking the best I’ve ever seen it.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the smell can be a little strong and unpleasant, but it’s not too bad at all and only shows up every now and again. Other than that, in the four-or-so months I’ve been using it, it’s been more effective and cheaper than my previous lotion and I’ll probably make it my new regular and keep using it throughout the year. I would recommend this, but only if what you’re already using doesn’t do its job.

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