boy camping with mom - 4 Ways to Make This the Best Summer Ever for Your Boys

4 Ways to Make This the Best Summer Ever for Your Boys

Go Somewhere New
No matter your budget or means, it is possible to take your boys somewhere new this summer. There may be a local mountain they have not hiked or a museum full or historical artifacts that might pique their interest. You may be able to take them to a place that doesn’t seem significant, but that meant something to you when you were a child. Summer is a great time to go exploring, so show your boys something new and they won’t soon forget it.

Teach Them To Build a Fire
Knowing how to build a fire is an important life skill that can make absolutely anyone feel just a little more confident with their own ability to survive. If you don’t know how to build a fire, learn together. Showing your boys how to build a fire can be a priceless bonding experience that they will carry with them for life.

Do Active Things Every Day
Kids need to play a lot to get all of their energy out. Allowing them to play will help to ensure they don’t have pent-up energy that they use to get right into trouble. Playing with them will help them to have experiences with you that will forever be etched in their minds. Start games of kick-ball, badminton, and Frisbee. Take them on hikes and run through sprinklers in the yard. Have fun and get a good workout in while you’re at it.

Listen To Them and Respond
Everyone wants to be heard and kids are no exception. To be the best Dad ever, it just takes a little patience. Listen to what they are interested in, what they aspire to do, and what they hate to do and respond. They will be so excited if you plan a trip to somewhere that they have always wanted to see and surprise them. Just knowing that you cared enough to listen can mean the world.

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