plushie benefits - 4 Benefits of Stuffed Animal Toys for Kids

4 Benefits of Stuffed Animal Toys for Kids

Stuffed animals are something that pretty much every kid has. Some kids may even get attached to certain stuffed animals and carry them for years. While stuffed animals may seem like nothing more than a toy, there are actually a few benefits to letting kids have stuffed animals.

Can Help with Learning Language

While kids are learning to speak, they are sometimes embarrassed to try to say words they are not familiar with. They may feel more comfortable speaking to their stuffed dog or bear than to a person as they learn. They may also learn what the animal is called and practice saying it, or assign a name to the animal.

Teaches About Different Animals

Using stuffed animals as props, you can teach your kids a lot about animals. You can show them the sounds that they make, help them sound out the letters of the names while learning to read and write, and even show them where certain animals come from on a globe.

Provides a “Friend”

Children may be a little apprehensive about leaving your side, having a stuffed animal companion may help them to feel more confident. Calvin and Hobbes style, your child may be able to conquer the world with a fluffy friend. Your child’s stuffed animal may be a source of comfort and security for them.

Allows Children to Test Emotions

Children are working through complex emotions without the language or experience to express those emotions when they are young. By playing pretend with stuffed animals, they put themselves in different scenarios and learn to work through their emotions. This can help them to build empathy and learn more about how to speak and relate to others, which can be very helpful when they start school.

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