3 Spring Activities That You Can Share with Your Kids

Spring is a great time to get outside and have some fun with your kids! You know you want to get out into the fresh air, so why not share the experience with your favorite littles? Spending time in the outdoors with you can give your kids some experience and knowledge that they may not get anywhere else and can allow you to bond with your kids in a unique way. Chances are good that you probably have some knowledge stowed away that their mom and teachers couldn’t have shared.

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden with your kids teaches them a valuable life skill that can help keep them healthier throughout their lifetime. It can also help to break gendered stereotypes about woman being the ones to plant gardens. Your son or/and daughter may also be more likely to eat their vegetables when they actually grew their own vegetables. You can tell them all of your knowledge about how plants grow and what they need as you share this time with them.

Hike in Your Local Area

While traveling can be fun and educational, the value of hiking in your local area is often downplayed. When you hike with your kids, you can tell them what you know about the plant life and animals in the area and help them spot different things that would be useful to know in a survival scenario. You can also tell them about local landmarks, mountains, rivers, and other things that they may have taken for granted.

Watch the Clouds

In the hustle of life, a moment that is used to stop and appreciate the surroundings is rare. Laying in the grass with your kids and simply gazing at the clouds can show them that every minute doesn’t need to be filled with activity. Pointing out shapes in the clouds and taking time to appreciate the wonders of the greenery coming in around you may seem like a small and simple thing, but it may be something that your kids remember for a lifetime.

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