3 Animal Movies That’ll Make You Laugh, Cry and Love Your Pets Forever

With “The Secret Lives of Pets” being released in July and trailers for the movie being placed in front of many of my daughter’s favorites, she is fanatical about seeing the movie. We just recently got a dog, so she is also all about pets and animals in general right now. For our movie time this past weekend, I decided to go old school and break out some of my favorite animal movies. Here are a few movies that will make you hug your pets a little tighter while you wait for July’s release.

Homeward Bound is in many lists as one of the great animal movies of all times. Three pets, an older, wise dog, a young and inexperienced dog, and a snooty cat get left behind by their owners. They travel through miles of forests, mountains, and other tough terrain to find their owners. This one is such a feel good journey for the whole family.


Beethoven is a fun movie that will make you laugh more than it will make you cry. You’ll feel the family’s pain as they adjust to having a big, slobbery dog around. Beethoven teaches them all a little about life and brings them closer together as a family, which the movie may also do for you and yours.

Marley & Me is a sweet, laugh a minute movie that turns into a tearjerker at the end. The movie may help you to feel a little better about the growing pains of dealing with puppy shenanigans if you (like me) have just recently gotten a dog. As you see how sweet Marley touches the lives of everyone around him, it may help you to remember why it’s all worth it.

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