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4 Benefits of Stuffed Animal Toys for Kids

Stuffed animals are something that pretty much every kid has. Some kids may even get attached to certain stuffed animals and carry them for years. While stuffed animals may seem like nothing more than a toy, there are actually a few benefits to letting kids have stuffed animals. Can Help with Learning Language While kids …

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4 Ways to Make This the Best Summer Ever for Your Boys

Go Somewhere New No matter your budget or means, it is possible to take your boys somewhere new this summer. There may be a local mountain they have not hiked or a museum full or historical artifacts that might pique their interest. You may be able to take them to a place that doesn’t seem …

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Gerber Good Start Gentle for Supplementing Baby Formula

Gerber Good Start copied the nutrition and the gentleness of mother’s milk. This formula has complete nutrition for babies up to 12 months When my babies were small, I tried to breastfeed mostly, but kept a container of formula around as a back-up plan. Since my mom stands by Gerber products, I decided to try …

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Thanksgiving with Little Guests

When it comes to the day of Thanksgiving, adults are often overwhelmed with preparing the main feast. What many parents forget is that this day can also be overwhelming for the little ones, who may not know the extended family quite as well. Couple awkward meetings with out-of-town cousins and hunger while mom and dad …

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Encourage an Attitude of Gratitude

I recently noticed that my ten-year-old daughter has a decided lack of gratitude. She is not outright rude, and I don’t believe that the lack of gratefulness is intentional, but I don’t like it. I was getting myself a drink, and she asked if I could get her one. I poured her a glass and …

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Natural Gripe Water

Gripe water is a favorite for moms and it’s surprisingly easy to make cheaper at home with no worries of high fructose corn syrup, enough booze to supply your neighborhood bars and restaurants! The effectiveness of gripe water has been questioned by medical professionals, they suggest nothing in the recipe is likely to relieve symptoms …

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